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Unique bus counter contact number, address, and other details are discussed here. Unique Paribahan is one of the leading bus transport companies in Bangladesh. They have been able to gain great popularity through regular passenger transport services on various routes in Bangladesh for a long time.

In continuation of this, they are currently a safe and preferred bus transportation service provider for the passengers of Bangladesh. In order to continue their progress, they have already established Unique Bus Counter Service in different districts of Bangladesh.

Through these Bus Counters, they directly provide various services related to passenger travel. But do you know details about the Unique bus contact number, address, etc.? Don’t worry if you don’t know. Because today through this complete post you can know details about Unique bus counters located in different districts of Bangladesh.

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Unique Bus Counter Contact Number and Address

There are Unique Bus Counters in different districts of Bangladesh including Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, and Sylhet. So you will find designated counters to travel anywhere by bus with ease. However, if you wish, you can also subscribe to the service by directly calling these bus counters for ticket-related information.

We have presented each counter separately below to discuss all the bus travel services of Unique Paribahan in detail. Through this, you can easily get any service related to ticket and bus schedules by contacting your nearest counter. So, to know about Unique Paribahan Bus Counter Contact Number and Address, check the table given below.

Unique Bus Counter Contact Number and Address
Unique Bus Counter Contact Number and Address

Unique Bus Counter Dhaka

You will be surprised to know that Unique Paribahan has a total of 12 counters in Dhaka city. You can avail of your desired bus travel service by contacting anyone according to your communication facility. Below we have recorded the contact number and address of each counter of Unique Paribahan located in Dhaka city.

Counter Address Contact Number
Gabtoli Bus Counter 01190806447; 01963622223; 0290027710
Kallanpur Bus Counter 01197160992
Asadgate Bus Counter 01963622255; 9233810; 029133917
Shukrabad Bus Counter 01191406367; 01963622234; 027546377
Chittagong Road Bus Counter 01819692979; 01963622237; 01819692079
Kachukhet Bus Counter 01711023886
Mirpur 10 Bus Counter 01963622240; 028054813
Nardda Bus Counter 01963622238; 01559666468
Golapbagh Bus Counter 01963-622232; 02-7540027
Fakirapul Bus Counter 01963622226; 01963622227; 011190806449;027195761; 027195988
Komlapur Bus Counter 9337846
Saydabad Bus Counter 01191406367; 01963622234; 02-7546377
Unique Paribahan Bus Counter Dhaka

Unique Bus Counter Chittagong

Unique Paribahan Bus has 10 counters in Chittagong, one of the busiest cities in Bangladesh, which are operated in all the busiest places of Chittagong city. So you know the counter contact number of your nearest location from the table below.

Counter Address Contact Number
Navy Hospital Bus Counter 01963622257; 031800351
E.P.Z Road Bus Counter 800351
Halis Pur Bus Counter 724373
Vatiari Bazar Bus Counter 04433320269
Sitakundu Bus Counter 04434484686
Baiyar Hut Bus Counter 01819613116
Dam Para Bus Counter 01724452007
Sheik Mujib Road Bus Counter 01197292397
A.K Khan Road Bus Counter 2770983
3 Part Connection Road Bus Counter 751108
Unique Paribahan Bus Counter Chittagong

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Unique Bus Counter Sylhet

Currently, Unique Transport has 6 counters in Sylhet. Each of these is located in a different location in Sylhet City. Passengers can usually complete their journey to any part of Bangladesh by booking their tickets through their Sivontakt number or by contacting the counter directly.

Counter Address Contact Number
Mania Center Bus Counter 03894557800
Purbo Dargha gate Bus Counter 03894557801
Sobhami ghat Bus Counter 03894557802; 01963622247
Kodomtoli  Bus Counter 03894557803; 01963-622248
Jamuna Market Bus Counter 03894557804
Humayun Chattar Bus Counter 01963622244
Unique Paribahan Bus Counter Sylhet

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Unique Bus Counter Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is the busiest city in Bangladesh. This city also has 4 counters of Unique Transport. Each of these counters is located at different locations in Cox’s Bazar City. Below you will find the contact numbers and addresses of each of these counters.

Counter Address Contact Number
Jhoutola Bus Counter 01191275328
Hotel Sea Park Bus Counter 01191275329
Chokoria Bus Counter 01198096360; 01985650479; 01689840531
Eid Gah Bus Counter 01554341303
Unique Transport Bus Counter Cox’s Bazar

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Unique Bus Counter Rangamati

Unique Transport has bus counters in your favorite city Rangamati. So far Unique Bus has established 8 counters according to the needs of passengers, which are the main 24-hour regular services. The contact information of each counter is shared with you at a glance below.

Counter Address Contact Number
Toblacori Bus Counter 035161561
C-Medical Bus Counter 63144
Newmarket Bus Counter 71085
Kollanpur Bus Counter 63222
Ved Vevi Bazar Bus Counter 62310
Raujan Bus Counter 01811173643
Ranirhat Bus Counter 62310
Indra Pur Bus Counter 01191125047
Unique Transport Bus Counter Rangamati

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Unique Bus Counter Bandarban

Unique Bus has 1 counter in the Bandarban district. So if you want to travel anywhere else from Bandarban by their bus then definitely contact this only bus counter. Below is the contact information for the Unique transport bus station located in Bandarban.

Counter Address Contact Number
Unique Transport Bus Counter 01553208010
Unique Transport Bus Counter Bandarban

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Unique Bus Counter Sirajganj

The Unique Paribahan Bus Counter is located in the heart of Sirajganj. There is only one Unique bus counter in the entire Sirajganj district. So for any of your needs contact them directly at the number given below.

Counter Address Contact Number
Sirajganj Sadar Bus Counter 01963622277; 01712135633
Unique Transport Bus Counter Sirajganj

Unique Bus Counter Jhenaidah

You will be happy to know that Unique Bus has a total of 2 counters in the Jhenaidah district. You can book bus tickets by contacting any of them. But if you want, you can know about their service now by calling the number given below.

Counter Address Contact Number
Jhenaidah Sadar Bus Counter 01712569372
Kotchad Pur Bus Counter 01719563645
Unique Transport Bus Counter Jhenaidah

Unique Bus Counter Meherpur

Unique Bus has 1 ticket counter in the entire Meherpur. So the passengers have to contact this counter for all the services required to complete the journey through the Unique bus. Their contact details are given below.

Counter Address Contact Number
Darshana Bus Counter 01712816991
Unique Transport Bus Counter Meherpur

Unique Bus Counter Khulna

Unique Bus provides regular passenger services from Khulna Sadar Bus Counter. But we did not find any prescribed contact number for the Khulna Sadar bus counter for the Unique bus. So you have to contact the Khulna Sadar bus counter for any necessary ticket booking-related services. There you can see the rules of the Unique bus.

Counter Address Contact Number
Khalishpur Bus Counter 01713901368
Magura Bus Counter 01716362343
Unique Bus Counter Khulna

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We have already informed you about all Unique bus counter contact numbers and addresses located in different parts of Bangladesh. If you want to travel with your family or friends by contacting them and booking tickets regularly.

Besides, you can also contact them for any service of Unique Bus. But if you want to know more details about the subject then surely you can share with us by commenting below.

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