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Air Astra Office Address, Contact Number & Ticketing 2024

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Air Astra office address, contact number, email, and all information including the ticket booking process can be found here. Air Astra is a well-known newly built airline service provider in Bangladesh. This airline provides passengers with simple and dependable air travel services in Bangladesh.

Since the start of their first journey in 2022, they have been providing air transportation services on the domestic routes of Bangladesh with great success till now. Currently, they are conducting all kinds of services related to passenger flight booking by establishing offices in different districts of Bangladesh. As a result, air travelers are getting to know the flight booking information of Air Astra Airlines more easily.

But do you know where the Air Astra office is located in Bangladesh? We will assist you with the information if you are unaware of their office functions and addresses. Here we will inform you about the address, contact number, working hours, and various services of the offices in different districts starting from the Dhaka office of Air Astra Airlines.

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Air Astra Office Address and Contact Number in Bangladesh

Air Astra Office Address and Contact Number in Bangladesh
Air Astra Office Address and Contact Number in Bangladesh

We will give you essential details regarding the Air Astra Airlines office location, phone number, and ticket booking process if you intend to fly with them in Bangladesh. For advice on how to contact with Air Astra sales agent, keep reading.

So far we will discuss with you in detail about each of the locations where this airline is operating its office operations in Bangladesh. By doing this you can access all types of flight-related services by contacting their office representatives from any part of Bangladesh.

Here we are going to tell you about the various district offices operated by Air Astra Airlines Dhaka as well as the offices located at the airport. It will also provide information on how you can contact them directly by phone. So let us begin with the details of Air Astra offices located in the capital city of Bangladesh.

Air Astra Corporate Office

First of all, we will tell you about the Corporate Office of Air Astra Airlines located in Dhaka. This information will be very useful for passengers who want to contact this office.

Air Astra Airlines Corporate Office Address

Siaam Tower, Level-6, Plot # 15
Dhaka-Mymensingh Road, Sector # 3,
Uttara, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh.

Air Astra Airlines Corporate Office Contact Number

Hotline: 13607
Phone Number: +88096 131 13607

Email: [email protected]

Air Astra Airlines Corporate Office Working Hours

Saturday10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Monday10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
FridayClosed / Weekend

Air Astra Dhaka Office

Air Astra Airlines has 2 sales offices in Dhaka so far. One office at Uttara and the other at Dhaka International Airport. Passengers who want to contact Air Astra Office from Dhaka city can contact either of these 2 offices.

Air Astra Airlines Uttara, Dhaka Sales Office Address

Nandan Tulip, House: 44, Road 18 & 7,
Sector # 3, Uttara, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh.

Air Astra Airlines Dhaka (DAC) Airport Office Address

Domestic Terminal, HSIA

Air Astra Chittagong Office

There are 2 Air Astra Airlines-operated offices in Chittagong. One is located at Agrabad and the other at CGP Airport (Shah Amanat International Airport). Find out about their address below.

Air Astra Airlines Agrabad, Chittagong Sales Office Address

Makkah Madina Trade Centre,
Sabdar Ali Road, Agrabad C/A,
Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Air Astra Airlines Chittagong (CGP) Airport Office Address

Airport Sales Office, Shah Amanat International Airport.

Air Astra Cox’s Bazar Office

Air Astra has 1 office at Cox’s Bazar in Samudra Kool Gas. This office is located at the airport. So passengers who want to book an Air Astra Airlines flight from Cox’s Bazar should contact the airport office.

Air Astra Airlines Cox’s Bazar (CXB) Airport Office Address

Airport Check-In Counter, Cox’s Bazar Airport.

Air Astra Saidpur Office

Air Astra has 2 offices in Saidpur, one of the famous cities of Bangladesh. Below we have shared the location information of these 2 offices.

Air Astra Airlines Saidpur (SPD) Airport Office Address

Airport Sales Office, Saidpur Airport.

Air Astra Airlines Rangpur Sales Office Address

Caspia The Homes, Cantonment Road,
Opposite of Circuit House,
Rangpur, Bangladesh.

Air Astra Sylhet Office

By establishing 1 office in Sylhet Division till now Air Astra has been providing customer service. So you need to contact their office for any flight-related information.

Air Astra Airlines Sylhet (ZYL) Airport Office Address

Airport Sales Office, Osmani International Airport.

What Services are Provided by the Offices of Air Astra Airlines?

All services related to flight booking to a passenger are provided by the Air Astra Airlines office. An air traveling passenger can inquire about flight details by contacting customer representatives. Below we are telling about some of the main services from their office.

  • Flight Booking: Passengers who want to buy new tickets from Air Astra Airlines can do so by contacting their office.
  • Flight Date Change: Passengers who wish to change the date of their pre-booked flight with Air Astra Airlines can do so by contacting their official representatives.
  • Baggage Allowance: Passengers can take assistance from customer representatives regarding the amount of baggage they can carry while traveling.
  • Hotel Booking: Passengers can avail of hotel booking services from Air Astra Office.

One-stop service for all travel-related services is provided from the air force offices. So you can safely contact their office representatives.

About Air Astra Airlines

About Air Astra Airlines
About Air Astra Airlines

In 2022, Air Astra was established. The airline has continually increased its activities since it first began. It had a small fleet at first and only a few locations, but it quickly became known for its dedication to providing high-quality service.

Air Astra has put much effort over the years to build a solid name in the aviation sector. The airline has developed a following of devoted customers by strongly emphasizing customer satisfaction and offering dependable air travel services.

Through clever alliances and steady expansion, Air Astra has increased the number of places it serves, giving travelers access to significant cities worldwide. Technology improvements have been adopted by the airline, improving its customers’ travel experience.

Air Astra has continuously evolved throughout its history to meet changing industry demands and consistently outperform client expectations. By emphasizing comfort, safety, and customer care, the airline has become a well-known brand in air travel.

Plans for Air Astra include expanding its global reach and significantly improving its services. The airline is in an excellent position to continue providing outstanding air travel experiences for years because of its solid foundation based on a tradition of excellence.

Is Air Astra Airlines Provide Value for Money Service?

YES! In the aviation industry, Air Astra has established a solid reputation. Customers worldwide have praised Air Astra for its attention to client happiness, reliability, and safety. The airline has constantly provided a fantastic travel experience, from outstanding service to pleasant flights.

As a result of the airline’s staff’s reputation for professionalism and friendliness, customers value Air Astra’s dedication to providing excellent customer service. The airline goes above and above to meet the needs of its customers, offering quick help and rapidly resolving any issues.

Additionally, praise has been given to Air Astra for its focus on safety and adherence to global aviation regulations. Knowing that the airline sets a high premium on fleet maintenance and continually invests in the newest safety technologies and practices gives passengers peace of mind.

Air Astra excels in in-flight comfort with roomy cabins, cozy seating, and various facilities. Access to in-flight entertainment systems, delicious meals, and extraordinary beverages allows passengers to experience a pleasant voyage.

Customers have given Air Astra high marks for its commitment to delivering first-rate comfort, safety, and customer service. The airline is still a top pick for travelers seeking a dependable and pleasurable flight experience.

How to Book an Air Astra Airlines Ticket Online?

Book an Air Astra Airlines Ticket Online
Book an Air Astra Airlines Ticket Online

Online ticket purchasing or booking for Air Astra Airlines is a practical and dependable choice. You may simply order tickets using your smartphone or laptop thanks to online ticket booking services, which save you time and money. 

Here is a step-by-step process for purchasing an online ticket for Air Astra Airlines:

  1. Visit their official website or type on your mobile/computer browser
  2. Enter your starting point and ending point (From/To) in the website’s search box.
  3. Depending on your preferences and intentions for travel, decide whether you want a one-way or round-trip ticket.
  4. Choose the travel class (such as Economy, Business, or First Class) and indicate the number of passengers.
  5. To view available flights that meet your criteria, click the “Search” button.
  6. If you don’t already have one, register for a user account on the website. You can use this to access your e-tickets and manage your reservations.
  7. If necessary, add money to your account or balance to buy the flight.
  8. Follow the website’s instructions and use a secure online payment method to carry out the payment process.
  9. Download your e-ticket and save it to your mobile device after your payment has been approved, or print it off.
  10. Show the airline personnel your e-ticket on the day of your flight while boarding to receive your boarding card.

You may easily purchase an Air Astra Airlines ticket online by following these steps, and you’ll always have access to your e-ticket for a hassle-free trip.

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Can I buy tickets over the phone from the Air Astra office?

Yes, you can call the Air Astra office numbers to get information on flights and make phone reservations for tickets.

Can I modify or Cancel my Air Astra Airlines ticket?

Yes, Air Astra office staff can help you with ticket modifications or cancellations. However, particular rules and regulations might be present.

Can I purchase tickets for a group trip at the Air Astra?

Yes, Air Astra allows you to make reservations for group travel. To make the necessary arrangements, it is recommended to get in touch with them beforehand.

Can I get travel insurance from the Air Astra office?

While the Air Astra office in Dhaka might be able to give you information on different types of travel insurance, it is best to contact them directly for more precise information.

Can I get special deals and discounts on the Air Astra flight booking?

Yes, Air Astra can give you details on any current special deals and savings that apply to your trip arrangements.

Can I book an Air Astra flight from a travel agency?

Yes, you can book your Air Astra flight from a travel agency. You just contact a reputed travel agency in Bangladesh to get your flight ticket.

Last Words

An established and trustworthy airline, Air Astra provides high-quality services for domestic flights in Bangladesh. Air Astra office staff provides excellent customer service for everything from ticket reservations to questions and complaints.

We have already shared with you the address, contact number, and all the information of all the offices currently operating in Bangladesh of Air Astra Airlines. We wish you safe travels and hope this article has given you all the information you require regarding Air Astra Dhaka office address, phone number, and booking methods.

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