Dhaka to Panchagarh Train Schedule and Ticket Price
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Dhaka to Panchagarh Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2024

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Hope you are a travel or train journey lover, and now you are searching for information about Dhaka to Panchagarh train schedule or ticket price. That’s great. You stay on the right page.

Panchagarh district is popular for the Banglabandha land port, and there are 23 rivers in this district. For that, it is also known as the largest river district.

From the 64 districts, many people go to the Banglabandha 0 point to see the beauty of rivers. Because it is a border area, many people go there for business purposes because they use the train to go back and forth.

On the other hand, you know Dhaka is Bangladesh’s capital city. People live there for many purposes, such as business, education, and many other reasons.

In this blog, you can learn all information about the Dhaka to Panchagarh train schedule, as well as ticket prices and other information.

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Train Route and Other Information of Dhaka to Panchagarh

According to the railway authority, the distance between Dhaka to Panchagarh is 593 kilometers. It is located on the North West side of Dhaka, the longest railway route in Bangladesh. 2nd is (539Km) of Rangpur, and 3rd is (526Km) of Nilfamari.

From Dhaka to Panchagarh by train, you need 11-12 hours. Obviously, it is a long journey. A journey is enjoyable when you get enough facilities and comfort. After thinking about you, we made the blog.

Through this blog, you can get enough information to go Dhaka to Panchagarh train schedule or timetable and ticket prices. Which helps you to make your journey complete.

Dhaka to Panchagarh Distance639 Kilometer
Total Number of Train03
Total Number of  Intercity Train03
Dhaka to Panchagarh (First Train)Ekota Express (10:10 AM)
Dhaka to Panchagarh (Last Train)Panchagarh Express(10:45 PM)
Train Route and Other Information of Dhaka to Panchagarh
Train Route and Other Information of Dhaka to Panchagarh
Train Route and Other Information of Dhaka to Panchagarh

Dhaka to Panchagarh Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Dhaka to Panchagarh has 3 trains available, which are authorized by the Bangladesh railway authority. All trains are directed by their specific timetable. Like others, Dhaka to Panchagarh Train maintains its timetable.

When the railway authority needs to change their Schedule or other information. At the same time, we changed our statement as per the railway author.

For your better understanding, we will describe all types of train schedules with the ticket price.

Dhaka to Panchagarh Train Schedule

There are a total of 3 types of train runs in this Dhaka to Panchagarh route, and three are also intercity. The schedule is given below for these three trains with names and time table.

Name of train Departure Arrival Off Day
Ekota Express(705) 10.30 am 07.05 Pm No
Drutojan express(757) 08.00 pm 06.10 am No
Panchagorh Express(793) 10.45 pm 08.50 am No
Dhaka to Panchagarh Train Schedule

Panchagarh Express (793)

The Panchagarh Express Train is a luxurious intercity train. You know that Good things are always expensive. Although the ticket of Panchagarh Express (793) is higher than others, it is famous for its facility and fast run. By the Panchagarh train, you need about 10 hours to reach Panchagarh.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Funded this train. You get the special train facility. Like other trains, it has Canteen, Television, Bathroom, air condition cabin, air condition chair, CCTV and a guard for your security.

Actually, the Train journey is enjoyable if you get enough facilities by your budget. This train has various kinds of seats for which you can choose any seat as you wish and within your budget. One word, Dhaka-Panchagarh Train Panchagarh Express (793), is always special. Below we give some substation names where the train breaks.

Panchagarh Express Substations
Station NameDeparture Time
Kamalapur Railway Station12:10 AM
Biman Bandar Station12:42 AM
Parbatipur07:37 AM
Dinajpur07:37 AM
Thakurgaon08:55 AM
Panchagarh09:40 AM
Panchagarh Express Substations

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Drutojan Express (757)

On the Dhaka to Panchagarh route, another popular train is the Drutojan express. Dhaka to Panchagarh is a long journey route. So you need those types of the train where you can get enough facilities and feel easy and comfortable. Otherwise, you feel the boring and in an unbearable situation. By the train, you need 10.10 minutes time to reach Panchagarh. You should select a better train for a comfy and enjoyable journey.

Ekota Express (705)

This is the third train on this route. This train has enough facilities. But people do not like this train because it runs slowly and takes more time than the other 2 trains. By this train, you need 11.10 hours commonly.

Here we described all the train schedules in detail. Now choose you. Which train do you select for your journey, and which feel you better.

Dhaka To Panchagarh Train Ticket Price

Ticket prices always depend on the seat to seat. Different seat rates are different. According to your budget, you can select your chosen seat. Nowadays, ticket purchase is too easy online and offline. Each train ticket price is given below.

Seat ClassesTicket Price
Shevon550 TK
Shevon Chair730 TK
First Berth1145 TK
Ac Berth1942 TK
Dhaka To Panchagarh Train Ticket Price

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Finally, I want to tell you to visit our website. Hopefully, now it is easy to select which type of train is better for you and how time you are with the route.

Overall this idea helps to complete your journey. You may know more about Dhaka to Panchagarh train schedule or timetable and ticket price or other info without hesitation. You can ask by comment box. As soon as possible we will reply with better suggestions. Be safe and enjoy your journey.

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